Volleyball Clotyhing

What clothes are typically worn to play volleyball?

When jumping, hitting and running, volleyball is an excellent source of practice. Harvard Health Publications report, if you weigh 125 to 185 pounds, you will burn 180 to 266 calories from 60 minutes of non-competitive volleyball and 240 to 356 calories from playing competitive volleyball. What you wear to achieve this workout depends on the type of volleyball you play.

Indoor volleyball

In the competitive game, regular indoor volleyball and seated volleyball players wear jerseys that show each player’s last name and number in sequence from 1 to 20 on the back of each jersey. Ladieswear cozy T-shirt jerseys with bike shorts that are tightly short. Men often wear sleeveless jerseys with athletic basketball-style shorts that hit just above the knee. The players wear knee pads and light sports shoes with rubber or composite floors.

beach volleyball

Competitive beach volleyball players wear the uniform that suits the environment – swimsuits. Wear two-piece or one-piece swimsuits. Men wear shorts and tank tops that fit in style and color, although they don’t have to be a real uniform to play at USA Volleyball. Usually players go barefoot, but Betufa the referee can allow socks as soon as the sand burns hot. So that the sun doesn’t catch the eye, players can wear sunglasses and hats.

Recreational play

You don’t have to wear an official uniform to play volleyball indoors or outdoors. You need comfortable clothes that don’t interfere with your movements. Leisure clubs usually wear t-shirts and basketball shorts, but you can also wear sweat or swish pants, provided the pants are not long enough to make your trip. You can stick player numbers on the back of these t-shirts. Sports shoes that provide good arch support and shock absorption are significant.

Security considerations

In any type of volleyball, getting dressed is crucial for safety. You should not wear jewelry, especially earrings, as the ball can smash against the rings, injuring the palms of your hands. If you need to wear a ring, put on a flat band. Girls should wear supportive sports bras and secure long hair in a ponytail or alternative fringe that keeps hair away from the face. If necessary, you can wear elbow braces and squats under the knee pads. Volleyball is a contact sport, so be sure to wear glasses if you don’t have prescription glasses.