Understand volleyball game terminology for beginners

Basic Volleyball Rules

The love of volleyball for many people never ends. Many teenagers love to play all kinds of team sports. Of all the games, volleyball seems to be the best game for many youngsters.

Volleyball can be played both indoors and outdoors depending on comfort and weather. But many prefer to play outside because it’s more spacious and lively. If you play open air volleyball, the game can be livelier and more exciting due to the cheers of the crowds.

A Guide to Beach Volleyball Basics

Beach volleyball is considered the best game played for both players and spectators. If you watch the game on a beach, you will get a tan on your skin. As far as the players are concerned, the playing field can easily be set up. All you need is a ball, net and lines drawn on the sand to dictate the play area.

A player can also dive to prevent a ball from scoring and landing on the sand without bumps and scratches on the body.

Volleyball Scoring Rules

It may be quite difficult for newbies to play volleyball for the first time. Some of the challenges that new players will face are understanding the different terminologies of the game. For example, a beginner may not know terms like digging, spike, setting, volley, block, sweep, etc.

When you learn how to play volleyball, two of the most important terms you need to understand are “digging” and “spike”. The term digging simply means shoveling the ball up when the ball is low. The term spike means hitting the ball down into the opponent’s area to score a point.

Some of the other terms used when playing the game are setting, pass, block, attack, serve, mistake, etc.

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